Panama City

We met Granddaddy and M'Amy there. We went on a tour of the city . We saw the Panama canal. It was cool because we got to see it in progress. First the boat comes in then they fill it up. Then it moves on.

We went to a viewing point. It was a pretty view of the city. We couldn't go sailing because it was too rough. We went on a cool hike because we saw monkeys.

Sao Paolo

We walked around the main street at our hotel.We went to the Japanese area. We had a very very very very good sushi for lunch.

We went to go see the graffiti area. It was cool because we got to see it in action.


We went on a jeep. We went on a boat. We went hiking. We went horseback riding.

We saw caiman; caiman are like alligators. We saw capybara; capybara are the largest rodent on earth. We saw monkeys. We saw lots of birds. We saw tapirs; tapirs are something that are in the rhino family.

On 2/3 boat trips I caught piranhas. The 1st one I caught 8 the 2nd 1 I caught 12.
I liked it all . But I liked piranha fishing the most.