Croatia Part 1


We did not stay in a airbnb or hotel! We saw a pretty sunset:)! We just walked around the old town! WE WENT TO A AWESOME WATER PARK!! I CROSSED THE HARD MOON WALK! The moon walk is hard thing that spins.


We stayed in a bnb. IT WAS REALLY GOOD.because the the dinner. We went to a national park. It was awesome! We saw cool fish, waterfalls and lakes.


Some people in Split were rude. Because some people take advantage of tourists. We went up a tower. We couldn't see momma because the walls were too thick:(.
We went to Diocletian's palace. It was good. Because the sewer pipes were good about it.
We went up to the viewing point. It was good. It was good because it was a good view. It was in the park.