Galapagos Part 2

We went to a beach called La Loberia. I liked it because we saw a bunch of sea lions.

Isla lobos We met are tour there. We saw a marine iguana swimming. The tour was cool because we saw the iguana. We went to the interpretation center. It was cool because we saw a Physical map of the Galapagos islands.

We went to a place called kicker rock. We saw a hammer head, white tip and black tip sharks and a Galapagos jelly star fish and a chocolate chip star fish. I loved the hammer head.

But I loved it all.

Galapagos Part 1

We went on a boat to Santa Fe.  It was so cool because of all the sea lions. The Sea lions blew bubbles in my face pulled on my fins and kind of bit me.

We went on a highlands tour. We saw a giant tortoise poopping . That is why it was cool. We went to a bay called tortuga bay. I didn't like it because it was too murky. Than we took a long bumpy ride for 2 hours. We didn't like it.


We went to a huge church. I didn't like it because we were at it when mass was happening. We went to the equator!! It was cool because I got to put each half of my body on each hemisphere. We walked around the city. We saw lots of things.