Oslo in a day

We arrived in Oslo yesterday evening and quickly found our Airbnb, our first of the trip. This one has been slightly disappointing, primarily because it doesn't have very good window shades and the sun rises at 4:30a. It's the first one we booked, though, so I'm optimistic our later bookings will turn out better. We had a great Indian food dinner last night, generating my first food coma of the trip. If you ever find yourself in Oslo I highly recommend New Delhi Indian Restaurant. ;)


Today we headed straight up to the Holmenkollen Ski Jump and Museum. The 20% chance of rain quickly turned to 100% up by the museum, so we rode out the storm with 20 of our closest friends under an overhang by the metro station.






The ski jump itself, while steep and impressive, was otherwise just a long line for an overcrowded elevator. But like I said, steep and impressive.




The coolest part was seeing the change in ski technology over time. They have a wooden ski from AD 600 (no, that is not a typo). It was discovered in a melting glacier and it's about the same length as my skis (170cm vs my 172s). However, they liked them quite a bit wider underfoot (146mm vs my 100mm). But the shape is basically the same.  I also really enjoyed the ski graphics on a ski from the 1880s, and it was cool seeing the original ski with rocker technology, which is now standard.

I think Oslo has a very different feel than Stockholm. So far we've found it to be slightly dirtier, a little less impressive as a city, but with views like this from the Holmenkollen metro stop I think it has something going for it: