Shanghai Part 1 a success

Today was our last of 4 full days in Shanghai. Tomorrow morning we pack up and then head to Japan for a week before returning to Shanghai for a few more days before flying home to Austin on the 26th.

Shanghai is always a non-stop trip for us. Between sightseeing and family-seeing there is very little downtime, but it's been great this time. The Shanghai Metro has made enormous strides in the last 3 years (and certainly in the last 15!), and there are very few places you can't get to with a short and inexpensive trip on the metro (most trips run 3-4 yuan, or 50-65 cents).

Anyway, here are some of my favorite photos:


Juxtaposition of old and new at Jing'an Temple:








Walter's enthusiasm inside the temple










Showing Walter the hotel (and balcony) where Jie and I married in China 12 years ago after our first wedding in Houston:







Tonight I made Jie and Walter walk down Nanjing road with me to get another before & after shot to match the before I took 3 years ago (for those from SolarWinds, the before photo was on my desk all these years). Here's the before and after:

Finally, huge props to Laundry Express. If you ever find yourself in Shanghai I would recommend them. Easy to use web form; as long as you order 2 loads worth (3kg/load) they have free pickup and delivery; only 118 yuan (~$20) for 2 loads, picked up and delivered vs 45 yuan for a SINGLE PAIR OF SOCKS at our hotel.